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Food Prices (and, “I Told Ya So!”)

I am SO CREEPED OUT! I just heard last night’s ABC piece on rising food prices and they blamed it on the weather, population, and speculators! I told everyone when TARP, and all the government spending occurred, food and energy … Continue reading

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Egyptians Kick Facade Off Military Dictatorship

What the Egyptians have done, is ┬ákick the facade off another US funded military dictatorship. Ron Paul is correct that the chances of Egypt actually obtaining true independence is slim, unless the US changes it’s foreign policy in regard to … Continue reading

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Pushing and Shoving

As a member of a tribe, if you looked around and saw that things were occurring more and more by pushing and shoving, rather than voluntary interactions, you would know that the tribe is headed for trouble. Especially because we depend on each other for even simple things, like to eat. Continue reading

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