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Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of


It’s time to start incrementally establishing a market in law. Take easy ground. Legitimize the market. Don’t refer to it as “the law”, it’s, ‘a’ legal prescription; one of potentially many legal prescriptions. Any pontification about what the rule “is”, may or may not … Continue reading

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Adding Google Authenticator to Ubuntu

It was remarkably easy to add Google Authenticator to my Ubuntu login, so I wanted to share. First I installed the packed with this: sudo apt-get install libpam-google-authenticator After it installed, I ran the set up with this command: google-authenticator … Continue reading

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Right to Education; AKA Compulsory Propaganda

An international treaty, signed by the United States, defines “right to education” as a universal entitlement to education, which includes “the right to free, compulsory primary education for all”, and worse. Continue reading

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Stockholm, NSA

Problem with NSA lawsuits: If you don’t want the government to be your nanny, stop asking it to protect you. Continue reading

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Big Bang Baloney: Real Science is Suppressed

This is The International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability’s denunciation of The Astrophysical Journal (by unanimous vote) for suppressing Prof. Santilli’s work on IsoRedShift’s, proving the universe is not expanding, and that the big bang, dark matter, and dark … Continue reading

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Ⓐ Is For Anarchy

Ⓐ is a symbol for anarchy.

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Cooperative Free Markets

What benefits the consumer is choice, not competition. In a free market firms don’t compete as much as simply offer different choices. And while lower price sometimes “win”, lower prices are created by

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Multiplier Effect Multiplies Your Suffering

Everyone is familiar with the tale told to us in High School about when you spend money on groceries, the grocer then has money to buy shoes. And now the government tells us that for every $100 dollars they spend, they can create $150 in GDP growth. But where do the resources to make groceries and shoes and anything else the government buys come from? Isn’t it fascinating that this popular economic fable ignores the most important part of the economy, production? Continue reading

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Forget the Pie, I Hate Taxes!

I doubt any upcoming tax increase that doesn’t cover current spending levels will make any marginal difference in the economy. It’s the SPENDING that confiscates real resources from the market. Taking fiat paper money out of the market doesn’t hurt the economy as a whole. Continue reading

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Hiring Liars to Protect You from Fraud

If the corporate atmosphere is so bad you need a consultant to guide you from making bad consumer choices, then the answer is not to steal from your neighbor to hire a ‘consumer protection czar’. Continue reading

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