Pushing and Shoving

Cycle of Violence

Cycle of Violence

As a member of a tribe, if you looked around and saw that things were occurring more and more by pushing and shoving, rather than voluntary interactions, you would know that the tribe is headed for trouble. Especially because we depend on each other for even simple things, like to eat.

Government is pushing and shoving. Nothing the government does occurs without force or the threat of force. If people would do something voluntarily, then you wouldn’t need government. I heard that some economics actually define government as “A firm with a competitive advantage in the use of violence within a given geographic region.” Government is coercion. People should substitute the word ‘government’ with ‘coercion’. “I don’t wan to pay for healthcare, I want the Coercion to provide it for me.” That’s a better depiction.

So when I look at our country, and I see government swelling, soaking up more and more of our resources, I see Americans spending more and more time, and energy pushing and shoving people around. And I know, we are headed for big trouble.

Steve Young

About Steve Young

Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of UniversalPrinciple.org.
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