Big Bang Baloney: Real Science is Suppressed

This is The International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability’s denunciation of The Astrophysical Journal (by unanimous vote) for suppressing Prof. Santilli’s work on IsoRedShift’s, proving the universe is not expanding, and that the big bang, dark matter, and dark energy are all bogus. (

Below is my “too intimidating; didn’t study physics” simple guid to cosmological redshifts, why it’s elementary to understand that redshifts don’t suggest an expanding universe or a big bang, and how Santilli’s work proves this:


The observation we have is that light coming from far away galaxies is redder than those of closer galaxies. The light is shifted toward the red end of the spectrum (meaning a slower frequency).

Red Shift Blue ShiftThe popularized hypothesis for this is that the objects are moving away from us, creating a doppler like effect similar to how a train or car has a lower sounding pitch when it’s moving away from you (the sound waves get stretched out).

Few dispute the idea that light will elongate and have a visually lower frequency if it’s coming from an object moving away from you. However, you will hear cosmologists refer to such red-shifts as if they can not be caused by anything else. All research data about the velocity of galaxies are based on this assumption.

They paint a picture where everything is moving away from us, and things further away, are moving away from us faster. It’s presumed that the objects that are furthest away, are so, because they’re moving away faster. And this is happening with perfect uniformity, as objects far away are uniformly redder in color, in all directions.

Geometrically, that would put us in the exact center of the universe. There is no physical way for a set of objects to be exploding out from each other, and observe such perfect cylindrical uniformity, unless you were observing from the exact center.

Obviously people thought that was an improbable coincidence, we are not even remotely close to the center of our own galaxy. So cosmologists proposed the idea that space was stretching. So instead of distance being a measure between two points, it became a thus far unmeasured, unseen, physical fabric, that stretches!

This is akin to saying “addition” is a physical object that stretches. I.e. 2+2=4, unless the “addition” stretched and contorted and thus sometimes 2+2= 5 or just 3. In fact, what they suggest is that point A has a different distance from point B depending on where you measure it. Point A has two different locations, a logical contradiction.

The idea that the observed red-shifts are caused by motion leads directly to logical contradictions and is thus false. This was obvious to me, and thousands of honest scientists, 25 years ago, before huge government grants were issued to study the “big bang” and anyone arguing against it were systematically defunded, excluded from publishing opportunities, and ridiculed on Wikipedia.

The counter theory was both simple and intuitively obvious. Light loses energy as it travels through stuff. Conveniently, that theory had already been proposed, as it was a direct consequence of the theories of quantum mechanics, which had thus far, not made one single wrong prediction. Further, it resulted in the exact view that matches the observed evidence: distant objects appearing reddish, in a perfectly homogeneous way, regardless of your position in space, without being the center of the universe, and without magical distortions in reality.


Visual evidence that light shifts to the red when traveling through more “stuff”

People such as Ruggero M. Santilli decided to test that theory using a method called an “experiment” – something fairly uncommon in cosmological circles today. The experiments showed that light does bleed of some of it’s energy to the “stuff” it’s traveling through, and that energy loss is expressed as a drop in it’s frequency – called “IsoRedShift”.

The experimental measurements were consistent with quantum theory, and have been confirmed by independent researchers. Subsequent research has also shown that the IsoRedShift effect caused by the stuff light has to travel though in space, matches the cosmological redshift we observe in the sky.

This one fact reduces the idea of an expanding universe and the big bang theory to something that has no supporting evidence and completely contradicts experimental observation. In the face of these facts, it is not reasonable to hold onto such myths, and the people who do, tend to be quite unreasonable.

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