Hiring Liars to Protect You from Fraud


Building TrustIf the corporate atmosphere is so bad you need a consultant to guide you from making bad consumer choices, then the answer is not to steal from your neighbor to hire a ‘consumer protection czar’. If you don’t know if you can trust a company, don’t do business with them.

If you need a consumer protection agency because you’re too bewildered to make sound consumer decisions, then you’re to bewildered to figure out that ‘consumer protection’ is a scam, and really it’s a ‘protection racket’. They steal your tax money, to put someone in charge of putting their competition out of business. If you can’t see that, I agree you need some help… But that adding someone else you don’t know if you can trust isn’t the solution.

Instead, try dumping everything you learned in your government schools, and tasking yourself learning again from the ground up. Start with things you can prove to your self… things you can trust. Then build up, never passing a point where you are uncertain. Never build on uncertainty – and thats sound for your education, as well as business, and your education.

Steve Young

About Steve Young

Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of UniversalPrinciple.org.
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