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A class action lawsuit against the NSA, like the one Rand Paul suggests, may at first seem like a good idea, but I believe it would be counter productive.

I believe that distributed “choice making” networks are more powerful than centralized ones. So, I believe it would be more effective if people made their own safety choices by choosing electronics providers that provide the safety and security they desire. Many choices can co-exist in the market, including the one to have your internet provider share all your information with some central hub. Those who don’t want that service don’t need to choose it, but those who do shouldn’t be deprived of it by lawsuits.

My frustration is that there are not enough electronic providers who offer the service of “protecting peoples information” actively marketing to me. The reason is, I believe, because everyone who wants that service is begging government (a central decision hub) to provide that service. How can that be effective? You don’t want the central hub service, but you are begging THAT SAME central hub to be your service provider? Something smells logically contradictory here!

If you don’t want the government to be your nanny, stop asking it to protect you. And help me create a market for such services! Then we will discover who is better at protecting people, free markets, or 18th century style centralized governments.

Steve Young

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Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of
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