Another Major Collapse Brewing

ALERT! We are months away from another major economic meltdown! How do I know? Because we’re already in it, and the media lies. Let me explain.

The economy has been turning downward for more than a decade. Back in 2006, 07 the media ignored this contraction, while many like me were screaming about it. Then in 2008, we had the financial disaster. This was not an economic downturn. Banks had been failing at in increasing rate long before. The only thing that changed was Henry Paulson said they needed $700 billion to rescue his “not allowed to fail” banker fiends, and this freaked out the markets. Suddenly the media shifted their focus on the economy and called it a “recession” which again affected the markets. But there was no sudden economic event, and it was not caused just by crap lending practices… the economic decline had accelerated BEFORE this event.

Now we are to see another media manipulation of the same type. While the economy has gotten progressively worse, the media has consistently talked about the “recovery”. There is no recovery. While the media focuses on fake, misleading statistics like GDP, they ignore real data that suggests it is harder for the average american to feed, house, and cloth themselves. They even announced the recession has ended, but the numbers are worse today than ever.

Today, Bernanke said he does not anticipate a “double dip”, indicating that the media is about to turn. How do these words help the manipulation? Because so many people trust Bernanke, what he says gives them a feeling of hope, and confidence. That emotion is the deception. Later, the media will pick another scapegoat event to blame the economy on. Whatever that event is, when it occurs, the media will shift their focus toward the negative economic realities, giving people a sense of doom. The shift in feeling makes the deception real. The facts don’t matter. All people will remember is that they FELT optimistic, then suddenly, they felt bleak after some contrived event.

The deception hides that the economic downturn has a 1 to 1 correlation with massive growth of government and spending. Suppose they intend on blaming the economy on a solar eclipse… People will remember feeling optimistic, then the solar eclipse happens and suddenly the market crashes and media goes negative. They stop talking about the 9% unemployment rate and start quoting the more realistic 17 or 24% rates. Then people feel pessimistic and discouraged, the markets correct to mirror these feelings, and people around the world believe a solar eclipse caused an economic collapse.

I beg people. Stop letting the media run your emotions. The facts are, the economy has been going steadily south for decades.

Steve Young

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