S.510 Limits Safety Options

Controls choke supply, increasing costs, and prevent competition for established suppliers. Reduced availability and affordability reduces safety.

You can’t achieve safety by giving your decisions to those who use force and coercion to increase their profits. If they use force to remove your autonomy and take your money, they don’t care about your safety.

Outbreaks caused by negligence of a supplier ends that persons business. As such there are more than enough incentives for safety, and economic growth brings new technologies that increase safety.

This bill takes businesses that have failed, and ensures new competitors cannot get into the market. This will make the established companies “too big to fail” – as what would we do without them since they are the only ones providing food? And when they kill millions because of negligence, they will get a bailout instead of being put out of business. ¬†Question this? ¬†Just look at the financial industry, the most heavily regulated industry in the world!

Steve Young

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Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of UniversalPrinciple.org.
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