Fox News Blames Propaganda On Media

Today on Fox News, I heard a presupposition from hell: “the mainstream media is blaming the Republicans for a deal not being reached.” This deal they are talking about would raise the debt ceiling, thus the presupposition is that not raising the debt ceiling is ‘bad’.

Note that the language is not, “The Democrats are butt-hurt that the Republicans are standing strong against further increases in debt.” That type of talk would communicate strong support for not making our debt problems worse. Instead the language suggests to the largely republican audience that the “mainstream” world is trying to peg blame on them, for not making the debt problem worse. I see this type of thing from Fox News all the time. They support conservatives… becoming national socialists.

It’s a fun game to play with people of mid to lower level intelligence. You just suggest that it’s their fault for whatever is going on, and the next thing you know they’re arguing against it – even if it was their idea. Presuppositions in general flip peoples’ heads without them knowing, and in a strikingly irreversible way.

Tell someone that you are done reading for the day, and later they may reference back to you as if you had been reading earlier. “What were you reading?” they may ask. You tell them that you were not reading, and they still bring it up three more times. I had one person even say, “Why do I keep thinking you were reading?” They often can’t figure out where the information came from, and the presumptive reasoning throws the information into the mind so far that it doesn’t want to go away.


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