Right to Education; AKA Compulsory Propaganda

UNESCO LogoAn international treaty, signed by the United States, defines “right to education” as a universal entitlement to education, which includes “the right to free, compulsory primary education for all”. It is also a mandate of the United Nations General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights also adopted by the United States. Now do you understand why no matter who is elected president, the same agenda persists?

Of course education is extremely important to an individual’s and their community’s success, but nobody knows what is best for any individual to learn, and how much he should trade learning that particular things for other opportunities that are are important to their individual and communities success. Honestly, I think anyone who things learned that whatever the “United States Government” says is law is “the rules” we should live by, probably got their education “free and compulsory”, and was wasting time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

If your education didn’t provide you with the insights to make your own choices about what services serve you best, then your education failed you. Any service that needs to coerce you to participate, and trick you into paying for, is failing you. If you don’t understand that, your government education failed you, you should have picked a different service provider, and the results in the voluntary sector demonstrate it’s superiority.

Steve Young

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Steve Young is a business intelligence software developer and DBA, and founder of UniversalPrinciple.org.
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